Why I Don’t Recommend Using Wix

People come to College Web Pro, often after trying their hand with an “easy” website building service like Wix and being disapointed with the results. It’s not entirely their fault: Wix and other similar tools set the expectation that anyone can design and develop a website. This is not true. They also set the expectation that their templates can meet all goals and objectives, and they don’t. Every day, more and more individuals, and companies are hiring UX experts to make their website more valuable and user friendly. UX experts use a process to make design decisions that will solve problems, and improve user experience. A process that I guarantee Wix doesn’t and can’t do.

If Wix could meet the above expectations, millions of dollars would not be spent yearly to hire UX experts and companies to build websites. Companies of all sizes would just go on a Wix plan. Companies are smarter than that. They know they need a product that will speak to their end users, they understand the importance of good user experience and building a custom design.

The templates offered by Wix are NOT professionally designed, with your end goals in mind; they are quickly designed, lack creativity, and produced in large numbers to give you all of these options. ith all these options they are essentially fishing, for potential new clients and the templates are bait. Check out the links to real Wix example sites below. They are look like they could’ve been designed 20 years ago, and lack any kind of professional polish or sophistiaction.

You might think, “I run a small service, or mom and pop shop, I just need a basic site.” You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all first impressions,” right? Were you aware that you have to catch the attention of someone on your website between 1-10 seconds before they move on to the next one? If you offer a simple service, or are a mom and pop shop, it’s even more important that you think outside the box and make your website stand out. The first and last impression you make with your customer could be your website. Within 5 years, over 50 per cent of small companies will fail. For all sorts of reasons, these businesses fail, but if your website doesn’t meet your end goals, convert sales, you can be sure yours will also fail.

Example Wix Sites