Make Money Promoting College Web Pro

Earn $50 Per Customer You Refer to College Web Pro

Interesting in referring small business owners, artists, and local community groups to College Web Pro and making some money? I’ll give you training so you can learn how to earn money right away.

There is absolutely no cost to you to sign up, and the earning potential is fantastic.  You can become a College Web Pro intern, build up your portfolio, and make money learning new skills.

How does the College Web Pro Affiliate Program work?
  1. Sign up for the affiliate program
  2. Get your custom tracking link & coupon
  3. Get Your Training
  4. Refer people to College Web Pro
How am I paid?

You’re paid through a check 45 days after each sale you make.  Customers you refer must stay signed up until then.

How will you know I referred someone to you?

When you sign on as an affiliate you’ll get a special tracking link that’s connected to your affiliate account. When people click this link it takes them to but we’ll be able to see (if they sign up) that you referred them. Even if they close the web-browser and then return to our site, it will still track the visit (using cookies) so you get credit for the sale.

How can I sign up?

Contact College Web Pro LLC to schedule an interview.

What skills will I learn?

You’ll learn about internet marketing and website design.

How much will I earn?

You can earn as much as you want. You’re rewarded for performance.

Are there any stipulations or requirements?

Each customer you refer must stay signed up for at least 45 days.

Is there a place where I can view my commissions?

Yes. Click “CLIENT LOGIN” on the main menu. Then click on “MORE DETAILS” under affiliate program. Note that you must be signed up as an affiliate first to see this tab.

I have more questions about the program. Help?

Not a problem. Contact College Web Pro and we’ll get right back to you!